Interaction design
Visual design

The Sisyphean (2020)

In collaboration with Sevgi Tan (content & illustrations), Robin de Haan (videography & editorial), Yujin Choi (editorial) & Kris Vabalas (editorial)

An interactive website, magazine and live podcast as part of a hybrid event critiquing contemporary myths.

The contemporary myth

The Sisyphean relates conspiracy theories to the storylines of Greek myths, seeing modern conspiracy theories in essence as contemporary myths. Myths were spread word to mouth and documented in publications, the same thing is happening today through the means of contemporary platforms.

Following the narrative guidelines of the myth of Sisyphus we presented the conspiracy theory of pigeons being government drones, a theory that originated as a critique on conspiracy theories itself.

This led to the creation of a media broadcasting company producing articles, documentaries, magazines and a live podcast. Each publication telling another part of the narrative, all coming together in a live performative podcast Smooth Talk.

Hybrid interaction

Due to the hybrid nature of the event we wanted to create an equally low-threshold interactive experience for the visitors at home, next to the visitors collaborating in our podcast, giving them the option to ask us questions and interact live.


The Sisyphean bundle is a collection of a newspaper containing all articles and a fictional 25th anniversary publication. The anniversary publication contains fictional interviews, history about The Sisyphean and a visual essay explaining the complete narrative structure.