Exhibition design

WdKA Graduation Show (2021)

In collaboration with Studio Renate Boere, Carmen de Groot, Charlotte Bik, Bobbie van Leeuwen (graphic design) & Sanyu Fernandes (photography)

A student–centered and colorful campaign for the Willem de Kooning Academy.

A dynamic platform

The WdKA Graduation campaign has always been a classical one, focussing purely on posters and other printed matter. This urged us to take a more contemporary approach and fully focus on contemporary media, giving us the chance to create a dynamic campaign. By turning the social media accounts of WdKA into a platform for the graduates to let their voice be heard and be amplified.

Visual fascinations

Graduates participated in our campaign to let their voice and fascinations be heard, to communicate the collective of all graduates and their wide array of interests. By mixing visuals of their work with abstract visuals that we created a dynamic and colorful combination, blending into the graduates themselves. A visual language that put focus on the individual, but reflected the collective.


The WdKA Graduation Show is build up out of practices, a part of the curriculum in which you graduate. By creating a colorful visual language which connects to the campaign we created a distinctive visual per practice next to a general all-encompassing visual.